Ongoing since 2010

With the support of the LSU, Masar has been able to strengthen, on the long term, the democratic structures of the youth networks working on youth policy in Lebanon, namely YAP and the Youth Forum.

Throughout this partnership, the strengthening of democratic structures has included drafting and endorsing clear by-laws, terms of reference, organigram, decision making and decision taking mechanisms, open and transparent communication channels among member organizations…

This process of internal incapacitation has enabled both youth networks to influence decision-makers, through numerous advocacy meetings and conferences, over youth rights and priorities that are encrypted in the National Youth Policy document. Such influence has been fostered through up to date communication, media campaigns and outreach.


In 2020, and as per young activists’ recommendations, our work focus had been on the following:

Two research papers were developed focusing on: 1) the “Youth Friendly Budget” as a model of young citizens’ participation in public prioritization and spending; 2) “Youth Employability in Lebanon” in light of the Economic& Financial Collapse and the Pandemic.

Also, 3 videos were produced on: the youth-friendly budget; corruption and its impact on youth as a key vulnerable group; the Beirut blast (4 August 2020) and how it rendered all people victims, even those who were not killed. Such videos serve as interactive tools to initiate discussion among youth and help them exchange views constructively.

Besides the above, 6 discussion sessions were held online via Zoom on the 2 research papers (3 on the youth-friendly budget, and 3 on youth employability in Lebanon) with the participation of 144 youth (80 females + 64 males)

All material, research papers and videos, can be found on our website (resources) and social media platforms.