Board & Directors

Kamal Shayya – President

Kamal holds a BA in Political Science from the Lebanese American University, 1986. He began his work in the field of human rights and development in the late seventies of the last century. He worked in several international institutions and United Nations agencies, consistently striving to link development with relief and emergency work in the many programs he managed, particularly during times of war. Later on, he established Masar Association with colleagues who share his principles and values with the aim to achieve development and human rights. Kamal is currently the Mayor of Saoufar Municipality and the President of the Federation of Municipalities of Jourd El Aala- Bhamdoun. He strives to create an integrated model combining municipal work and civil society work, as the two, according to him, aim to realize a better life for people. 

Mohammad Balhas – Vice President

Mohammad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Beirut Arab University, 1987. He works as a freelance civil engineer and has contributed to numerous engineering consultancies since 1990. These mostly involve development projects seeking to integrate children in education, and to achieve development through the establishment of sports and art-related projects. He also sought, through a number of programs, to rehabilitate infrastructure and social centers and to help people rebuild their damaged houses as a result of successive wars.  Mohammad is currently the mayor of the town of Siddiqeen, Tyre, South Lebanon.

Rym Dada-Husseini – Treasurer

Rym is an expert in web design and digital media. She holds a master’s degree in multimedia and digital applications from Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, UPV (Spain), a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the European Institute of Design in Milan (Italy) and a certificate in digital marketing and business model innovation.

Rym has been an instructor at ALBA – University of Balamand, for 19 years, and has taken up different freelance projects in graphic design, web design, social media and applications. Among her volunteering jobs, Rym worked as a project manager for several Rotary grants and mega projects since 2000. She joined Masar association with the aim to support youth programs, as she firmly believes that Lebanese youth should be well equipped and prepared in order to direct the nation to prosperity.

Abir Abou Salem, Secretary

Abir holds a master’s degree in Public Health and a Bachelor degree in Laboratory Medicine from the American University of Beirut. She has over 26 years of experience in Hospital Management. She is a staunch advocate of eco-friendly practices and supporter of human rights of marginalized people, particularly Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Abir boasts a practical know-how of mobilizing people to engage in thematic projects and be proactive over their common interest.

Olga El Tom – Member

Olga, from the town of Al-Qaa, holds a degree in social sciences from the Lebanese University, Branch 4. She is the Director of the Center for Reading and Cultural Activities (CLAC) – Al Qaa since 2006. She is also a member of the Caritas office, Baalbek-Hermel area, and a member of the administrative committee of the Support and Rescue Team. And, as a coordinator and director of a number of projects and initiatives in coordination with associations and organizations, she earned a large number of certificates in the social, development and cultural field. In 2013, she won the First Ideal Cultural Center Award in Lebanon presented by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.

Rania Sabaayon – Executive Director

Rania, a founding member of Masar and its Executive Director since 2012, holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership from the American University of Beirut, as well as a master’s degree in Social Development Planning& Management from the University of Wales Swansea, UK. She has been working in youth development at the community and policy levels for over 20 years, and has contributed to the Lebanese youth policy formulation and validation processes, and supported the lobbying efforts in this direction leading eventually to its ratification by the Lebanese Council of Ministers in 2012. Rania believes that the only viable regime for Lebanon is a secular one that promotes diversity and treats men and women citizens equally on the basis of human rights, citizenship, and meritocracy. Achieving this vision has been Rania’s driving force throughout her career.