Youth for Community Development (YCD) program

The program aims at mobilizing and empowering young men and women to become active citizens in their communities through (a) developing their capacities via the provision of training, monitoring and support on the field to enable them to positively engage in civic and communal life, and (b) supporting them establish partnerships and synergies to initiate dialogue over their priorities with municipal councils and local authorities among other stakeholders. Through this program, youth from across Lebanon are provided with a space to meet, interact, and exchange experiences, thus supporting them appreciate diversity and practice their citizenship roles away from sectarian and geographic limitations.

More importantly, youth are provided with an opportunity to put in practice the knowledge and skills they learn during the trainings and are guided to be sensitive to their communities’ needs critically, thus promoting their self-confidence and self-esteem through their communal work. They are empowered to identify their needs, problems, and ambitions; prioritize them; plan and implement advocacy projects; and collaborate and initiate a dialogue with relevant stakeholders over them. Furthermore, and on a broader scope, the program aims to establish a cross-regional and cross-sectarian youth movement through which youth are enabled to develop their collective efficacy to work on their identified priorities and those of their communities as active young citizens.

The YCD addresses youth as the citizens of today, and it empowers them to make their voices heard and acted upon today.


Youth Policy and Governance (YPG) program

The program seeks to support youth to push for the implementation of the National Youth Policy (NYP) which was endorsed by the Lebanese Government in April 2012. The NYP is an exceptional experience in the Arab region, particularly that young people themselves have set its recommendations and submitted them to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, demanding its ratification by the Cabinet.

The aim of advocating the NYP is to ensure that youth are guaranteed their rights to welfare and influence. At a broader scale, the program supports the engagement of citizens in dialogue and advocacy with duty bearers and political decision makers over issues and topics pertaining to enhancing the rule of law, access to information, accountability, and participation in the public life.

The YPG ensures Welfare and Influence for youth.


Rights for Palestinians in Lebanon (RPL) program

The program is implemented at the community and policy levels. RPL aims to ensure that Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon are enabled to lead a dignified life until the United Nations Resolution 194 is implemented. It works on breaking stereotypes held towards Palestinian refugees through organizing strolls and discussion among Lebanese and Palestinian groups.  It opens the door for joint action, advocating for the endorsement of human rights through enhancing communication opportunities between Lebanese and Palestinian groups for the best interest of both nations and through forwarding policy recommendations to relevant duty bearers, governmental committees, and service providers.

    Palestinians in Lebanon are not foreigners. They are refugees, and forbidden from returning to their country. They contribute to the Lebanese economy if the laws allow it, and their blue ID should be the equivalent to a work permit.