The project is related to the Parliamentary elections scheduled in May 2018. It is an interactive website where Parliamentary candidates are invited to register, create a profile, and answer a questionnaire consisting of 73 questions that are classified into 12 sectors. The questions aim at presenting the opinions/ answers of candidates on public life issues ranging from civic participation, to education, health, taxation, fighting corruption, independence of the judiciary…the project also invites citizens/ voters to learn about the candidates’ opinions, and hopefully vote accordingly.

On the long term, the project’s aim is to strengthen accountability in Lebanon through holding Parliamentarians accountable to their performance over the 4 years in term.

On the short term the project has 2 aims:

  • Aim for the pre- elections period: to introduce a new mind-set whereby young people and citizens in general vote for the candidates who share similar opinions vis a vis social, economic and daily life issues, instead of voting for candidates based on family, sectarian, and narrow political ties. All this is based on the “Youth Monitor” questionnaires that candidates have been requested to fill online.
  • Aim for the post- elections period: to provide an opportunity for citizens to monitor the performance of elected MPs and draw comparisons with opinions they expressed on the “Youth Monitor” website, and hence hold them accountable for their performance accordingly, namely in the ballot boxes in the upcoming Parliamentary elections.