The project aims to contribute to re-building democracy in Lebanon through advocating free and fair
Parliamentary Elections in 2022. It is multilevel consisting of:

  • Evidence generation, namely the development of a policy paper that provides an overview on
    the history of elections in Lebanon, the concept of participation and representation, the
    critiques of the Electoral law in 2018, and the key reforms needed to ensure just representation
    of citizens and the transformation of the political system in the country.
  • The conceptualization and execution of a digital media campaign addressing central political
    actors in Lebanon and promoting key reforms to be incorporated in the electoral law.
  • Organization of discussion sessions with youth across the country over elections and key
    reforms with the aim to consolidate and expand a youth/ citizen’s movement that advocate
    these reforms.

The policy paper can be found under the Media section on the website. The digital media campaign will
be launched on September 15, 2021 and the content will be shared on Masar’s social media platforms.

The digital media campaign was launched online on September 15, 2021 with attendants from political parties, representatives of central actors, NGOs, activists, diplomats, and media.  The key message of the campaign called on the central actors to immediately endorse all reforms pertaining to the electoral law. The campaign consisted of visuals, videos, infographic videos and engaging stories, polls, and social media posts. It ran on Masar’s social media platforms and on google ads during September 15 – November 30, 2022, reaping high views and reach. Content can be found on Masar’s social media platforms.