On the long term, the project aims at enhancing the culture of accountability and dialogue over public issues. On the short term, its aims atconsolidating a structured dialogue at 2 levels:

1) Among youth coming from diverse backgrounds, to help them develop their collective efficacy in advocating their rights;
2) Between youth and decision makers over youth right based issues.

The project consists of a series of seminars, topics identified by youth, and with the participation of decision makers and experts as follows:

Seminar #1 was titled on “Public Policies: Role and Importance- the Experience of Lebanon and Other Countries” and hosted the President of the Economic& Social Council as the decision maker, Mr. Charles Arbid.

Seminar #2 was titled “Employment Policies: Challenges- Failures- Prospects” and hosted the President of the Parliamentary Committee of National Economy, and Trade and Industry and Planning as the decision maker, MP Neemat Frem.

Seminar #3 was titled “Prospects of Food Sovereignty in Lebanon” and hosted the Representative of FAO (Food& Agriculture Organization) in Lebanon, Dr. Maurice Saade.

Seminar # 4 was titled “Youth Participation in Elections: Towards Full Citizenship” hosted MP Elias Hankach who resigned in the aftermath of the Beirut blast.

Seminar #5 was titled “The Electronic Government: Reclaiming Efficiency and Transparency in Administrative Governance” hosted the Director of IT projects at the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR), Dr. Rania Fakhoury.

Beside the seminars with decision makers, a 2 – day residential gathering was held with the participation of 30 young people coming from various organizations, including 9 youth wings in Lebanese political parties and 14 youth NGOs and youth- led initiatives from across the country. The gathering aimed at bringing together young attendees of the 5 seminars with the aim strengthen their collective efficacy over accountability priority topics following a structured manner. The gathering consisted of thematic and edutainment sessions that helped youth gain new learning and care for their mental health.

Fifty young persons attended each of the 5 seminars. Various communication materials were produced in the project and posted on Masar’s social media platforms, including press releases, quotes, key highlights, Q&As, and advocacy videos.