July – November 2018

The project aims at improving the perceptions among young people from different nationalities in the Beddawi area through enhanced collaboration and communication over common problems and needs. It was implemented with the “Beddawi Youth Initiative” and in collaboration with the Municipality of Beddawi.

Project key activities:

  • Establishing a youth committee consisting of youth from different nationalities and one member from the Beddawi municipal council whose role is to identify common needs and priorities.
  • Setting a collaboration mechanism between the youth committee and the municipal council of Beddawi over addressing common needs and problems facing the Beddawi residents.
  • Identifying several priority interventions and participating in planning, and monitoring the implementation of one priority in consultation with IOM.
  • Developing the capacities of youth committee members and few more from the community through the organization of a series of thematic training workshops.

 Eventually, the selected priority was the identification and equipment of a social and cultural youth centre for hosting training workshops, cultural seminars, social and artistic activities for all residents in the Beddawi area. The space was provided by the Municipality of Beddawi. Located at its 3 story- building, the center will be open for public use, and is to be sustained by the Municipality.