2020 – 2022

The project focuses on economic and social rights for Palestinian nurses practicing the profession in Lebanon. The project relies on the possibility of making a breakthrough in securing legal and social protection for Palestinian nurses at the workplace, and then the ability to achieve other breakthroughs in other professions practiced by Palestinians in Lebanon. The project consists of several activities including:


  • The development of a qualitative study titled “Palestinian Nurses in Lebanon: A Roadmap to Providing Legal and Social Protection and Security at the Workplace”, available in both Arabic and English under the „Reources“ section on the website.
  • The establishment of a network of Palestinain nurses gathering nurses who work in Lebanese private hospitals from across the country and capacitate its members to raise the awareness of other nurses on their economic and social rights and negotiate these rights with duty bearers. „Qindeel“ the Network of Palestinian Nurses in Lebanon is established in late 2021. It has a 5- year startegy, by-laws, and memebrship criteria. You can find it on Facebook and Instagram @qindeelnet. More will be posted on „Qindeel“ soon.